マラソン日記 【ノルウェー】 The Marathon Diary / Maratondagboken

2月 4, 2017

マラソン日記 【ノルウェー】

The Marathon Diary  / Maratondagboken



© Hanne Berkaak

 2015/8min/No dialogue】監督ハンネ・バルコーク Director Hanne Berkaak


Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold and mythic landscape of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going to be a straight line between start and finish.


ほんと の きもち【アイスランド】 I Can’t Be Seen Like This / Enginn má sjá mig【Iceland】

2月 4, 2017

ほんと の きもち【アイスランド】

I Can’t Be Seen Like This / Enginn má sjá migIceland

2016/10min/ Icelandic

監督 アンナ・グンディス・グヅムンズドッティル  Director Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir


© Anna Gunndís Guðmundsdóttir


When two competitive little sisters wake up on a quiet and beautiful winter morning they are unaware of how a single event can drastically change their life and affect their relationship. Should they have done something differently? Probably.


ザ・ひげ 【フィンランド】 The Moustache / Viikset【Finland】

2月 4, 2017

ザ・ひげ 【フィンランド】

The Moustache / ViiksetFinland

 2015/4min/ No dialogue】監督アンニ・オヤ Director Anni Oja

©Anni Oja


The protagonist sports a very long moustache, curving impressively. Other gentlemen’s moustaches droop of envy. There is a competitor whose moustache is extra thick. Follows a duel of moustaches which prove capable of extraordinary tricks.


ANNI OJA is an animation film director and an art teacher living in Turku, Finland. She has co-directed the puppet-animation short The Table Is Set (13). The Moustache (15) is her graduation film and solo directorial debut.


父 【ノルウェー】 Father / Bawke 【Norway】

2月 4, 2017

父 【ノルウェー】

Father / Bawke Norway

2005/15min/ Kurdish,Norwegian,English】監督ヒシャーム・ザマーン  Director Hisham Zaman


©Hisham Zaman


They have been on the run for a long time, a man and his very young son. When they reach their destination, they realize they are still in trouble. In the end the father is forced to make a choice of two evils to provide for his sons future.


痕跡(こんせき)【ノルウェー・サーミ】TRACE 【Norway / Sapmi】

2月 4, 2017


TRACE Norway / Sapmi

2015/7min/Song】監督 ハルマン・ルンバルグ、ペッテル・カールセン Director Herman Rundberg & Petter Carlsen


©Ørjan Bertelsen


 ‘Trace’ is from the brand new album ‘Northern Soul – The Album’ and is about leaving traces. It’s about inheritance and about yearning for something that is lost


シマウマのシマシマ【デンマーク】シマウマのシマシマ【デンマーク】 ZTRIPES / Ztriwer 【Denmark】

2月 4, 2017


ZTRIPES / Ztriwer Denmark

 2016/10min/Denmark】監督アマリエ・ナスビュ・フィックDirector Amalie Næsby Fick

©Amalie Næsby Fick


With charm, confidence and stripes are Zøren the coolest zebra on the savannah. Right up until his black zigzag suit is stolen while it is up to dry. Then Zøren reinvent itself. But lived his soul in stripes, or he can with his new effort friends find the rhythm again?



いじめは「ダメ」といおう 【フィンランド】いじめは「ダメ」といおう 【フィンランド】 Say no to bullying / Sano EI kiusaamiselle 【Finland】

2月 4, 2017

いじめは「ダメ」といおう 【フィンランド】

Say no to bullying / Sano EI kiusaamiselle Finland

2015/2.40min/ Finnish】監督マイッキ・カントラ Director Maikki Kantola

©Maikki Kantola


DOKKINO documentary film workshop 14.-15.10.2015 in Kajaani Nakertaja school completed a documentary film for young people from the beginning to the end by itself, which tells about bullying and school dreams.


ムーンウルブズ-月狼 【スウェーデン】Moonwolves / Månulvarna 【Sweden】

2月 4, 2017

ムーンウルブズ-月狼 【スウェーデン】

Moonwolves  / Månulvarna Sweden

2016/12min/ No dialogue】監督ニーマ・ヨウセフィ Director Nima Yousefi


© Hob AB Nima Yousefi


The Moonwolves are amazed by all things that shine, but most of all they love the moon. Every night the Moonwolves sit and stare dreamily towards it. One night, their longing grows so intense that they decide that they can’t just sit and stare at it anymore. So they decide to go to the moon.


鉄のいばらをこえて【ノルウェー】The Hedge of Thorns / Tornehekken 【Norway】

2月 4, 2017

鉄のいばらをこえて 【ノルウェー】

The Hedge of Thorns / Tornehekken Norway

 2001/13min/Norwegian】監督アニータ・キリ Director Anita Killi

©Anita Killi




Florian and Malene are best friends. Every day they play down by the creek. One day the war comes, and the two children are no longer allowed to play together because they are on opposite sides of the war.


『マリメッコ展@渋谷Bunkamuraミュージアム』レポートbyエイヤ・ニスカネンEija Nisikanen

12月 23, 2016

Marimekko poppies arrive to Bunkamura Museum repoted by Eija Nisikanen

Original report by English is below. after Japanese.


マリメッコ(Marimekko)。このフィンランドで人気のデザインハウスの作品が、ヘルシンキデザインミュージアム(Helsinki Design Museum)からの展示として国内巡回中です。12月17日より渋谷Bunkamura ザ・ミュージアムでの展示が始まりました。マリメッコ社の日本国内店の多くは最新のデザインを主に紹介していますが、この展示は日本のファンの皆様にとってマリメッコ社の歴史に触れていただく良い機会となることでしょう。

eija1©Eija Nisikanen



eija6 ©Eija Nisikanen



eija7©Eija Nisikanen  eija5©Eija Nisikanen



eija4©Eija Nisikanen eija9©Eija Nisikanen



eija2©Eija Nisikanen



レポート&写真 byエイヤ・ニスカネン 日本語訳 橋本晴子

©Eija Nisikanen





会場:Bunkamura ザ・ミュージアム (東京・渋谷)

展示公式Website: http://www.bunkamura.co.jp/museum/exhibition/16_marimekko/

%e3%83%80%e3%82%a6%e3%83%b3%e3%83%ad%e3%83%bc%e3%83%89-5©Armi Alive!


上映劇場:Bunkamura ル・シネマ

上映詳細: http://www.bunkamura.co.jp/cinema/lineup/16_q-fabric.html


Marimekko poppies arrive to Bunkamura Museum


Marimekko, the popular Finnish design house is featured in a touring exhibion from Helsinki Design Museum, which opened 12/17 at Bunkamura Museum in Shibuya. Numerous Marimekko stores around Japan feature the latest designs, but now the brand’s Japanese fans have an opportunity to get to know the history of Marimekko.

eija1©Eija Nisikanen


Marimekko was started in 1951 by Armi Ratia, who, as Finland’s ambassador Jukka Siukosaari mentioned in his opening speech, was one of the strong women of Marimekko. Others are of course such designers as Vuokko Nurmesniemi, who created the Jokapoika shirt, and Maija Isola, known for her Poppy (Unikko) design, as well as the managing director Kirsti Paakkanen, who in the 1980s rose Marimekko again to the top of design and fashion in Finland, as well as internationally. Marimekko’s first designers were not schooled in fashion design, but came from the background of industrial design, such as ceramics. First ’real’ fashion designer for Marimekko was Pentti Rinta.

eija6©Eija Nisikanen

Japan has had connections to Marimekko for decades. Two central designers for the brand were Fujiwo Ishimoto, who skillfully combines inspirations from both Finnish and Japanese nature in his designs, and Katsuji Wakisaka. The latter is known for her cute children wear for Marimekko.

eija7©Eija Nisikanen eija5©Eija Nisikanen


Marimekko was on top of international fame in 1960s. In early 1960s Marimekko was brought to the United States, where Jacqueline Kennedy, then a wife of the presidential candidate John F. Kennedy bought 9 Marimekko dresses, and wore then frequently throughout the presidential campaign. When Kennedy was elected the president, Jackie Kennedy became a style icon, and Marimekko’s dresses sold well. Later Marimekko has showed up in the TV show Sex and the City. Marimekko’s bold prints and strong colors have appealed to both in interior textiles and in clothing and accessories for 60 years.

eija4©Eija Nisikanen eija9©Eija Nisikanen

Marimekko is very much connected to the Finnish lifestyle. The patterns, bold and simple designs, and easy to wear clothing highlight the easy-going and nature-related Nordic lifestyle. Armi Ratia’s first idea in the postwar period was to release women from the tough corsette to wear comfortable and loose clothing, suitable for a modern active woman. Almost all Finns have some memory of Marimekko, be it the striped tee-shirt they wore as children, or the curtains and tablecloth at summer cottage.

eija2©Eija Nisikanen


One interpretation on Armi Ratia’s life can be seen at Bunkamura Le Cinema theater, which runs Armi Alive!/ 『ファブリックの女王』

, a recent fiction film about a theater group who tries to make a stage play on Armi Ratia. The film, which premiered last year at Finland Film Festival in Japan, is also available on DVD at the museum shop. The shop also features plenty of Nordic gift shopping items, both from Marimekko and other brands.

%e3%83%80%e3%82%a6%e3%83%b3%e3%83%ad%e3%83%bc%e3%83%89-5©Armi Alive!


Eija Niskanen, translated to Japanese by Haruko Hashimoto


The exhibition runs at Bunkamura until 2/12, 2017.

Website: http://www.bunkamura.co.jp/museum/exhibition/16_marimekko/

Le Cinema:      http://www.bunkamura.co.jp/cinema/lineup/16_q-fabric.html